Mac Pro Repair

Any issue with your Mac Pro, we’re here to repair it. Whether it is software or hardware. Repair Daemon provides on-demand repair services. We therefore aim to turn-around the repair, as fast as possible, without compromising repair quality and our standards. Liquid Damage issues, Screen Replacements, Upgrades, macOS re-installations, you name it. Sit back, relax and get your Mac Pro Repaird now.

What's the issue with your Mac Pro?

Some of the repairs and solutions are below. Please keep in mind there are multiple solutions to some issues and we will be completely transparent with your options and guide you through to a cost-effective repair for your Mac Pro!

RAM Upgrade?

Easy. We can get the correct new RAM modules and replace it for you for a small fee.

Graphics Issues?

This will rarely happen, but if it does, either the HDMI port is damaged or Graphics Card has become faulty. We can repair or replace the assessed fault, after we provide you with your options

Liquid Spilled?

A thorough assessment would be required in this case. Rice will not help!

macOS Malfunctioning?

We can backup your data and reinstall the system and restore your data. OR If you have an earlier working time machine backup, we can assist you with restoring it from there

Not Turning On?

It could be that the power supply has become faulty. We could assess, repair or replace if it is faulty, or we will let you know if there is anything else that might be causing the issue

Maintenance / Upgrades?

The SSD can be upgraded in the 2013 models. Older Mac Pro’s you can upgrade the Hard Disk Drives to SSDs to make the system much more faster. General Maintenance of the Mac Pro, older and new models, should be carried out


Our objective is to provide high quality repair services cost-effectively. We have a range of repair service grades depending on the complexity of the repair. But we will always quote you first and wait for approval before proceeding with the repair for your Apple Device.

Grade 1 Repairs


  • Assessment & Testing
  • Basic Parts Replacement Service
  • Plus the cost of any part required

Grade 2 Repairs


  • Assessment & Testing
  • Complex/Multiple Part Replacement
  • Plus, cost of any parts required

Grade 2 Repairs


  • Assessment & Testing
  • Liquid Damage / Motherboard / Complex Repairs
  • Plus, cost of any parts required

Depending on the type of issue, your Mac can be repaired within the same-day. It would also depend on the time it has been collected or delivered to our collection point. 85% of our repairs are completed within 24 hours and 96% of our repairs are completed within 72 hours of your device booked in for repair.

You will obtain a 6-month or 1-year warranty on our repairs depending on the type of repair carried out. You can thus be rest assured that your device will operate at it’s optimal performance for the foreseeable future. Regardless, if there are any issues at any point, please do get in touch with us for a hassle-free support service.

All our repairs are carried out in ESD protected environments, which allows us to ensure that the repair is carried out with the focus on the safety of your device and our technicians. We strictly follow ISO-9001 quality management standards and continually aim to improve on our repair methodology to provide you with an outstanding repair service.

Repair Scenario to Consider

The new design for the Mac Pro makes replacing parts quite straight-forward. RAM upgrades can be done quite easily. But if an issue arises with the I/O ports (USB/Thunderbolt) on the Port Board, our engineers can replace the damaged component in compared to other service provides who would provide you with a quote for replacement of the entire Port Board. If any of the graphics cards were to become faulty. we can provide repair and replacement quotes, whichever is most suited to your budget. We simply want to be cost-effective for you by putting all your options on the table.

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    Mac Pro Repair in London

    We offer Free Collection service from most South London areas within 2 hours of the booking, should you need it. In most cases, the delivery after the repair is also Free. But this usually is based on the distance of your address from our Office Address in the area.

    We can collect from any postcode in the Greater London Area during evenings. Give us a call or fill out the booking form.

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