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We now provide our repair services in Wimbledon/London. Our objective is always to be customer-centric with the highest quality services in repairs and IT services, for Laptops, Apple Macs, Desktop Computers, Phones, Tablets, Games Consoles (such as PS4 & Xbox), Data Recovery, and Business IT Support. We also aim to provide the service with the quickest turn-around possible.

Repair Daemon in Wimbledon London – 

Location Address: 143 Kingston Road London SW19 1LJ
Phone: 020 8126 0999
Email: contact@repaird.uk
Website: https://www.repaird.uk

Open Timings

Monday           9am – 6pm.

Tuesday          9am – 6pm.

Wednesday     9am – 6pm.

Thursday        9am – 6pm.

Friday              9am – 6pm.

We provide collection and delivery only.

You may find us in our workshop in Kensington: Office 101, 239 Kensington High St, London W8 6SN

No Laptop Display

  • When your Laptop turns on but there is no display, this could be as a result of faulty BIOS, RAM, or even a faulty graphics chipset. 
  • A corrupted motherboard BIOS (BASIC INPUT/OUTPUT/ SYSTEM) can occur for various reasons. This is the built-in core processor software responsible for booting up your system. One of the most common, is due to, a BIOS update being interrupted, as a result of a failed flash. 
  • The primary BIOS is usually used to boot the mother board. In the system, there is a motherboard chip, the BIOS works as an impetus for laptop to function. (Basically, it is super important, so that you can power your laptop).
  • The graphics card is responsible for producing the images you see on your laptop screen and display. If a graphic card is damaged or faulty it will lead to your laptop crashing.
  • This may look like a black screen, a blue screen or what is called a “lockup”, what happens when your laptop freezes and you can’t get a display up.
  •  It can also cause random restarts, and shutdowns. The graphics card won’t be the only reason for your laptop to bug out or for the display to be affected, but if you have something called ‘memory dumps enabled’ and it says your graphics card driver is the source of the problem, there you have your answer. 
  • This is why it is super important that you don’t try to take on this task alone, having experts in our Wimbledon branch, assist you and give you genuine advice will always be the superior option. 

To get your Laptop Display working in speedy time, come to our Wimbledon branch so that our experts may assist you, and get to the root of the problem sooner rather than later.

Mobile & Laptop Device Repair

We also provide other services:

  • Mac repairs
  • Laptop repairs
  • Tablets
  • Game consoles
  • Business IT support
  • Data recovery

Our services:

Free collection from most London areas within 2 hours of the booking, should you need it. In most cases, the delivery after the repair is also free. We collect from any postcode in the Greater London Area during evenings. Give us a call or fill out the booking form. Devices We Repair

  • Desktop Tower Computer
  • All-in-One Desktop Computer
  • Gaming Desktop Computer
  • Custom Built Desktop Computer
  • Windows 10 Support for Desktop Computers
  • Data Recovery for Desktop Computers
  • Macbook Pro Repair
  • Macbook Air Repair
  • Macbook Repair
  • iMac Repair 
  • Mac Pro Repair
  • Mac Mini Repair
  • iPad Repair
  • iPhone Repair
  • macOS Support
  • macOS Server Support
  • Mac Data Recovery

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We can collect in the next 2 hours or your chosen time slot depending on your postcode for all of South London. For North London postcodes, our collection service is currently limited to evenings.

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    Standard warranty coverage: we provide product repair and offer a replacement of a product or product parts with the same item. We also offer a refund of the cost of the product minus depreciation if it is determined that the item cannot be repaired or if the customer opts for a refund rather than repair. The warranty must be activated for this to be put into full effect.


    Our standard warranty on almost all repairs is 3 months. We can extend the warranty for you to 6 months to a year depending on the type of service we carry out for you. We will let you know if we can offer an extended warranty on your devices during the quotation stage. 

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    Mobile & Laptop Device Repair

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